Tenant turnover has the single greatest impact on investor returns. Unrecoverable rental income, tenant damage, inefficient vendor management and vandalism consume net operating income more than any other operating expense. Key Residential Services (“KRS”) Turnovers reduces your off market time with fast high quality turnovers at a competitive price. We understand every day of vacancy represents income that is not only lost, but can never be recaptured. We understand the definition of market ready which is critical to placing the next tenant.
-> With our standard Turnovers the entire process is complete in 14 days or less.
To provide consistent high quality turnovers, vendor selection is our top priority. We carefully vet vendors based on depth of skills, experience and efficiency of operations. We centrally manage delivery of materials so when our crews arrive on site, they can begin work immediately. Choosing KRS to handle your turnovers not only leverages the volume based cost efficiencies we achieve but you also significantly reduce the overhead associated with managing this function internally.

Standard Turnover – 14 Days or Less

  • Detailed move-out inspection within 3 days of move-out
  • Standard patch and fix of small items
  • Paint
  • Installation of toilet seats, shower rods, rings and liners
  • Replacement of broken or missing blinds
  • Landscaping: cut, trim, blow
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Pest control inspection and general spray
  • Performance HVAC inspection
  • Quality final “hotel finish” cleaning
* All materials, labor, delivery and tax are included

Additional Items

  • Replacement of flooring
  • Extensive patching and fixing
  • Replacement of appliances
  • Door and window replacement
  • Bathroom & kitchen fixtures
  • Ceiling fans
  • Roofing, siding & gutter repairs or replacement
  • Non-Standard landscaping & tree removal
  • Fencing repairs or replacement
  • HVAC repair and replacement
  • Water heater replacement
  • Additional pest control treatments

Common Minor Repairs

  • Smoke detectors
  • Electrical outlet covers
  • Light bulbs
  • Basic door/window/cabinet hardware
  • Towel racks
  • Toilet seals

Basic Repairs

  • Interior and exterior door replacement
  • Door frame and room molding
  • Attic ladders
  • All-in-one bathroom vanities
  • Toilets
  • New tile in entry ways, kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms
  • Kitchen sinks & faucets
  • Mailbox and post
  • Window screens

Major Repairs

  • Tile, laminate or wood flooring in more than one room
  • Any electrical or gas work that involves permitting
  • Kitchen cabinets and counter tops
  • Water heaters
  • Roof, siding and fence repairs or replacements
  • Non-floor tile work in more than one small room

  • Plumbing accessories
  • Small cosmetic repairs
  • Light fixtures
  • Bathroom exhaust fans
  • Mirrors
  • House numbers

  • Exterior pressure washing
  • Shower or tub stalls or enclosures
  • Kitchen appliances
  • 2” vinyl or vertical blinds
  • Window repair or replacement
  • Garage door openers
  • Removing trash and debris that exceeds one trailer load
  • Gutter repair
  • Main drain clean-outs

  • More than 128 square feet of drywall replacement
  • Garage Doors
  • Tree Removal
  • HVAC Replacement
  • Pest Control for Termites or other pests that require more than 1 treatment
  • Any additional repairs that require custom ordered material or are labor intensive

Additional Services

  • Move-Out Inspections
  • Lock Changes
  • Vacant / Occupied drives for confirmation of tenant move-out status
  • Utility Management
  • Vacant / Ready services to ensure that the home remains in show and tenant-ready condition
  • Landscaping

Eviction Services

KRS Eviction Services simplifies the process of handling delinquent tenants from certified Pay or Quit Letters through supervision of the physical eviction. We understand the legal process at both the county and state level to ensure compliance with all laws and procedures and efficient handling of the dispossessory. Portfolio owners simply place orders and track eviction statuses through Insight, the KRS order management system.

We handle the process from start to finish, mailing out notices, making collection calls, filing the dispossessory, negotiating cash for keys, managing court appearances, and handling the physical eviction. We provide these services for foreclosure evictions as well. Our expert services can reduce delays caused by incorrect filings and missed deadlines that lead to extended periods of economic vacancy.

Section 8 Management

Subsidized housing is an attractive alternative to market rate tenants with the reduced cost of collections as well increased tenant retention, however there are costs and challenges in dealing with the Housing Authorities. KRS Section 8 Services manages and resolves your Section 8 issues, whether relating to the tenant or the housing authority. Based on our extensive experience with the Section 8 system, we know how to circumvent unnecessary and costly withholding of rent or abatement, as well as avoidance of additional administrative and financial complications.

We understand what characteristics of the home are most attractive to tenants and the housing authorities to maximize the rental income approved by Section 8. KRS Section 8 Services ensures an accurate independent analysis of your particular situation and recommends actions to satisfy Housing Authority requirements. If you’re struggling to navigate HUD paperwork and requirements, KRS can help you manage your Section 8 portfolio successfully and profitably.