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What we do

Founded in 2001, Key Property Services is a fully integrated and internally managed real estate investment company. Key has been buying, renovating, leasing and managing one of the largest quantities of single-family homes in the U.S. over the last 12+ years. Our management team includes some of the pioneers in single-family home aggregation that collectively have overseen the deployment of more than $700 million in capital towards the purchase of 9,000+ single-family homes in 16 cities and 10 states.

Experience Matters

Industry Pioneers with Experience

Key’s highly experienced team, which includes some of the pioneers in single-family home aggregation, has been buying, renovating, leasing and managing one of the largest quantities of single-family homes in the U.S. for over 12 years.

Multi-Channel Sourcing Capability

A rigorous underwriting process and diversified sourcing strategy for distressed homes and non-performing loans provides KPS with the continued ability to underwrite, bid on and buy a large number of homes at low prices.

Fast, Automated Underwriting

We have developed remarkably accurate proprietary software that helps determine the appropriate home value, rental pricing and disposition strategy (rent or resale) to yield the greatest return, on an asset-by-asset basis, for thousands of assets.

Lower Vacancy Rates

Capital Property Management’s highly experienced property management team is extremely proficient at advertising, showing, and leasing homes to highly qualified tenants. Lease-up times during peak season average less than 16 days.

Vertically Integrated, Cost Efficient

A vertically integrated infrastructure helps KPS to realize greater operational efficiencies, enhance profits and maintain tight control over the cost and quality of acquired assets, renovation, tenant selection, property management and sales.

Track Record of Exceptional IRRs

The team at KPS has outperformed other large industry operators over the last decade by consistently delivering extraordinary IRRs over 9 funds, with a target of 40-50% and historical average annualized returns of over 70%.

Internally Managed Renovations

Key Property Construction understands how to maximize NPV by performing the appropriate level of construction in a timely manner. KPC delivers a customized product of consistent quality across multiple geographies at scale.

Control Economic Vacancy

With Key Residential Services your investment makes you money. We can help push your properties to market with vacancy checks and evictions and when it’s time for a new tenant, a turnover in 14 days or less ensures that your property is back on the market as soon as possible.